Spokane, Washington-based pop-rocker Jerad Finck carries a bright, powerful musical flavor to fans, enlightening them with the sounds of rock-n-roll’s future. Finck’s sound is accessible and endearing but also forward-thinking, moving the music up a notch and setting a new bar.


Extremely hard-working, Finck is embracing the new DIY direction of the music industry. Achieving an extremely rare feat of breaking the Top 40 and charting in multiple formats an an Independent Artist with his debut record, Finck is using radio, press, television, online marketing and touring to connect.


Finck and his band have completed seven national tours covering over 200,000 road miles and 48 States. He's toured and/or performed with Daughtry, Christina Perri, Vertical Horizon, Sister Hazel, Parachute, Edwin McCain, One EskimO, Cracker, Ingrid Michaelson, Ingram Hill, Smile Empty Soul, Tony Lucca, Ernie Halter, and several others. He and his band have performed on nearly a dozen Morning TV shows on NBC, CBS, ABC, & Fox and his songs have been featured in movies and television shows on HBO, ESPN, Discovery, CBS, & NBC, among others.


Catching on like wildfire across the country and globe, fans connected personally to Finck's songs and the lyrics. Also catching the attention of major labels, he is now signed on with Rock Ridge and ADA/Warner Music Group. Finck is also now an official Gibson artist.


Something to Believe In

Some declare that we live in an age of cynicism but if you ask Finck, you’ll get another answer entirely. “Music gives me something to believe in,” he says. “It offers a direction for my life.” Music is always there, no matter how hard things get. And with Finck adding his input to the world of music, there’s new hope for pop and a new era in rock-n-roll.



One of the beautiful aspects of Finck’s engaging music is his focus on harmony. “I love harmony and see it as a lost art these days. I try to integrate harmony and melody with smart lyrics and catchy hooks.” And it’s a successful experiment. Finck’s music hits with delicious grooves, lush melodies and harmonies and lyrical intelligence. Fans can attest to the sharp songwriting quality this artist offers with each track.

Everyday Life

The aspects of daily life provide a cornucopia of inspiration for Finck. He sees all around him the potential for song material. His keen eye for real life experiences imbues his songs with realism and emotional honesty. “Everyday life inspires me. It’s the experiences I go through and people that I meet that give way to all the songs I write.” 


Following the Success of the self-titled debut album, a highly-anticipated EP is set to be released this summer, and a brand new video will be filmed in NY this June. Fans can look forward to new songs that show the evolution of Jerad as a musician while still maintaining the positive and endearing sounds fans fell in love with from his first CD, including hit singles "Goodbye," and "Runaway."


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Awards and Accolades

  • Finalist in 2002 Maryhill Singer/Songwriter championship.
  • Finalist for VH1 Song of the Year in November of 2005 with “Took”
  • Finalist for VH1 Song of the Year in January of 2006 with “Runaway”
  • Runner-up for VH1 Song of the Year in February of 2005 with “Holiday”
  • Winner for VH1 Song of the Year in April of 2006 with “Goodbye”
  • Finalist for Best Vocalist of the Month at Singer’s  Universe for January of 2006
  • Finalist for Best Vocalist of the Month at Singer’s Universe for August 2006
  • Finalist for Best Song of the Month at Singer’s Universe for June of 2006
  • Honorably Mention for 2006 Billboard World Song Contest with “Goodbye”
  • Track of the Day on with “All I Know”
  • Track of the Day on with ”Goodbye”
  • Best Love Song on with”All I Know”
  • Best acoustic guitar on
  • Best Male Vocals on
  • Accepted into the 2006 International Trade Show in Midem, France
  • Accepted into the 2006 XMG Major Label showcase in Chicago, Ill
  • Selected for Best of the Inland Northwest 2006 CD
  • Finalist for 2007 Cooch Singer/Songwriter series
  • Finalist for 2007 Independent Music World Series music search.
  • Finalist for 11th Annual Unisong World Contest with “Goodbye”
  • Finalist for 2007 Independent Music World Series music search.
  • Finalist for 11th Annual Unisong World Contest with “Goodbye”
  • Awarded the 2009 GrINDIE from for Musical Excellence for the album “Jerad Finck”


Touring Band

  • Jerad Finck- Lead Vox, Guitar, Piano, Riverdancing
  • Steve Dunn- B Vox, Guitar, Monkey Shaving
  • Kevin Wolfe-B Vox, Percussion, Sax, Moxie 
  • Steve Witschel- B Vox, Bass, Being the Tower of
  • Dana Peite- Drums, Over Orator 

Recording Band

  • Jerad Finck- Lead and Background Vox, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Piano
  • Steve Brown- Electric Guitars
  • PJ Farley- Bass
  • Bobby Lynch- Piano, Organs, Rhodes
  • Kurt Andrews- Drums
  • David Mansfield- String Arrangements
  • Brennan Sweet- 1st Violin
  • Henry “I’m the Boss” Kao- 2nd Violin
  • Martin Andersen- Viola
  • Mary Wooten- Cello



  • The Last Word (2001)
  • The Last Word Unplugged (2003)
  • The Last Word EP (2004)
  • The Last Word – Counting Change (2005)
  • Jerad Finck – (2007) This Bird has Flown
  • Jerad Finck – (Current) Jerad Finck


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